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Nyaho Medical Centre recognizes its partners, celebrate past board members and shares exciting plans for the future

Nyaho Medical Centre, a leading healthcare provider in Ghana, recently held a major event to recognize its partners, celebrate past leaders, and share exciting plans for the future.

The event, held on March 18, 2024, at the Nyaho Airport Main Gardens, brought together key stakeholders, partners, and distinguished guests. Mrs. Janet Aba Tamaklo, the Emeritus Board Chair of Nyaho Healthcare Limited, delivered a special address, highlighting the significant contributions of past leaders Dr. Sodzi Sodzi-Tettey and Ms. Preba Arkaah to the Board and announcing the new role of Dr. Elikem Tamaklo as the Executive Chair of the Board and the Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) .

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The Executive Chairman of Nyaho Healthcare Limited, Dr. Elikem Tamaklo, proceeded by unveiling the future plans of the organization and announcing a strategic restructuring. This transformation, effective February 5, 2024, will see the organization evolve from a single entity into three distinct strategic business units, namely Healthcare Services, Corporate Services, and Property Services.

He expressed his enthusiasm for the transformation, stating, “This transition marks a pivotal moment in our journey. By establishing these business units, we empower ourselves to leverage the strengths of each unit, allowing us to better cater to the unique needs of various client segments, stakeholders, and partners.” Ultimately, this move positions us for sustainable growth and continued excellence.

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To ensure a seamless transition and maintain excellence in healthcare operations, there has been changes in roles and responsibilities during this first phase of the transformation. This strategic move underscores our commitment to leveraging leadership strengths across the organization and fostering synergy between our diverse business units.


Our immediate past CEO, Dr. Elikem Tamaklo is now the Chief Transformation Officer (CTO), responsible for overseeing all Strategic Business Units. Additionally, he has been nominated as the Executive Chair of the Board.


Dr. Victoria Lokko is now the acting Managing Director for the Healthcare Services. This leadership structure facilitates a smooth transition, leverages existing strengths, and fosters effective collaboration between the diverse business units.

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Guests were treated to insights into Nyaho Medical Centre’s strategic goals. The Acting Managing Director emphasized the importance of partnerships, key services for growth, and upcoming expansion plans to Kumasi and other locations. Nana Appafram, the Operations Director, further emphasized Nyaho’s commitment to innovation through digital advancements, improved organizational culture, and efficient project management.

A key highlight was the recognition of Nyaho’s top partners. Citations and plaques were presented to the top 5 insurance and corporate partners, along with the Governing Council of the Nyaho Dove Foundation. The event also celebrated all recent graduates, solidifying the importance of teamwork and shared success.

Media representatives were invited to witness this momentous occasion and learn more about Nyaho Medical Centre’s bright future.

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