Dove Foundation

Our Story

Nyaho Dove Foundation, the CSR arm of Nyaho Medical Centre, was established in
2014. In December 2020, the Foundation was registered under the Department of
Social Welfare under the Ayawaso West District.

Nyaho Dove Foundation

Our Vision
To enhance access to quality health care for deprived communities and individuals, and to build the capacity of health professionals in Ghana to fully realize our mission to provide the best medical care.

Our Pillars

Access to Care

Bridge the quality divide within the healthcare system by delivering quality healthcare to vulnerable groups in Ghana.

Thought Leadership

Improve the quality of care through educational initiatives, forums, public policy reviews and development.

Postgraduate Training

Build the capacity of healthcare professionals and increase the number of family physicians in Ghana.

Research and Development

Contribute data through research and development.

Our Impact

Breast Cancer Screening & Education

Child Welfare Clinics

Post Graduate Training

Research & Development

Thought Leadership

Breast Cancer Screening & Education

Breast cancer is the world’s most prevalent cancer. Each year, several women lose their lives and many more are diagnosed with the condition. Breast cancer survival, for at least 5 years after diagnosis, ranges from more than 90% in high-income countries to 40% and below in parts of Africa.

The Nyaho Dove Foundation is thus committed to encouraging early detection and treatment, all of which have proven successful in managing the condition. Year on year, we explore innovative partnerships and projects to increase awareness and support women with breast cancer.


Child Welfare Clinic

The Child Welfare Clinic is an outreach service that allows free medical counselling from seasoned NMC child doctors. It also allows parents to secure birth certificates for babies born within the district, weigh and immunise them with Ghana Health Service-approved vaccines. 


Post Graduate Training

The Nyaho Post Graduate Training seeks to bridge the huge doctor-patient gap in Ghana by training doctors who are not just knowledgeable but committed to the Nyaho Way that puts patient interest at the heart of healthcare.

In partnership with the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons, the Dove Foundation continues to shape healthcare delivery with family physicians who have the skill to heal and the heart to help.


Research and Development

The Nyaho Dove Foundation encourages research and education about various health conditions and related disorders. Through continuous innovation, design thinking and people-centred care, the Foundation aims to inspire medical breakthroughs and initiatives that will improve the quality of life and inspire hope for a better Africa


Thought Leadership

The Nyaho Dove Foundation is committed to improving healthcare by engaging health practitioners, business people, political leaders, and other relevant stakeholders for consensus-building and collective action such as public policy reviews and development.

Through the Annual Health Forum, the Foundation continues to share expertise, offer unique guidance, and inspire innovation that delivers excellent healthcare outcomes for improved quality of life.