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Nyaho Medical Centre Promotes Health and Wellbeing with Healthy Family Promotion

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Nyaho Medical Centre, has introduced a Healthy Family promo, comprising of tailored preventive health packages to promote sustainable wellbeing in families.

The campaign forms part of the Nyaho’s commitment to promote health and wellbeing for families through early diagnosis and early detection of various diseases, especially chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

Over the past years, Ghana, like many other countries globally have been recording increased cases of chronic diseases including cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, and diabetes. Most of these conditions are largely attributed to hereditary and unhealthy lifestyle choices such as poor eating habits, smoking, lack of physical activity and overindulgence in alcohol.

As the middle class is growing; and with urbanisation accelerating, people are adopting a more sedentary lifestyle. This is pushing obesity rates and cases of diseases such as diabetes upward. According to the World Health Organisation, chronic disease prevalence was expected to rise by 57% by the year 2020 with emerging markets like Ghana being hardest hit.

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Through the Healthy Family promotion, families and individuals have the opportunity to sign different preventive health packages that include various health screenings, doctor’s consultation, and medical advice on maintaining healthy lifestyles and or managing a different medical condition.

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Dr. Joyce Emefa Addo, the Medical Doctor at Nyaho’s Health Hub said, “often, we meet patients in our consulting rooms who wish they had taken control of their health earlier. Early detection is the key to managing many health conditions and this can be done only through frequent preventive health screenings”.

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