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Preventive Health – A New Lease of Life

Nyaho Medical Centre opens its Health Hub

We are all too familiar with a family member, close friend, or work colleague who died much earlier than expected or has been diagnosed with a worrying chronic condition we never imagined. Most often when the unfortunate happens, the question that is always asked by family and friends left behind is “What if the condition had been detected earlier?”

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Here at Nyaho Medical Centre, our research has shown that diabetes, hypertension, and associated chronic conditions are fast emerging as major health problems with a significant impact on families and at work. Health screening in itself is only a snapshot of a person’s health status and is not enough to significantly impact and improve one’s health status. It is with this in mind that Nyaho Medical Centre established the Health Hub, leveraging on our extensive network of experts to deliver Personalised Care solutions to people who sign up for Health & Wellness packages. The Health Hub is a dedicated space that enables us to be more intentional in delivering unique solutions for individuals. At the Health Hub, clients have access to:

  • Access to all health information in one place
  • A Health Coordinator who fashions personalized solutions for the individual’s health needs
  • An online portal (SMARTcare) where patients with chronic diseases can enter their vitals for remote monitoring and evaluation by a Doctor and Nurse
  • Status reports delivered at the convenience of the client (e.g. via email)
  • Fitness, Emotional, Physiotherapy and Dietician professionals (depending on clients’ needs)

A significant feature on offer at Nyaho Medical Centre’s Health Hub is the DNAFit, a genetic test kit that profiles one’s DNA to help them figure out what fitness and nutrition is best suited for them. Not only will families benefit from this initiative but also organizations and businesses as well. Remember the more healthy we are, the more engaged we become, and the more engaged we are, the more productive we feel.

Ms. Bambie Bamfo, a Registered Nurse and Fitness expert is the Health Coordinator at Nyaho Medical Centre’s Health Hub and for her, “… having a healthcare plan catering uniquely to one’s needs and knowing just what to eat and how to exercise based on one’s DNA makes a whole world of difference – it gives you a more positive outlook to life”.

At the launch of the Health Hub, the Managing Director of Nyaho Medical Centre Dr. Elikem Tamaklo, shared a personal story about the need for preventive health to achieve more meaningful lives. “When my daughter was born, there was a strong desire for me to see her settled in life and have kids of her own as well. However, with time I realized that my pace of work and related stress was not sustainable and if I were to achieve my dreams, I would need help. I couldn’t do this alone and with the support of Doctors, a Fitness coach, a Dietician, and a preventive healthcare plan, I had to make some life-changing choices. Today, I feel better and well poised to achieve my life goals. My team is equally inspired to deliver on our promise of surpassing patients’ expectations, inspiring hope for a better Africa”.

To celebrate the launch of this new offering and to encourage preventive healthcare as the new trend, Nyaho Medical Centre is offering a 10% discount to clients signing up for Health & Wellness packages this August and September.

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