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The future is bright for patients and families at Nyaho Medical Centre

Nyaho Medical Centre is thrilled to announce the expansion and enhancement of its current offerings, beginning with the construction of a modern Maternity Ward, NICU and ICU set to open by end of 2018.

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Nyaho Medical Centre is thrilled to announce the expansion and enhancement of its current offerings, beginning with the construction of a modern Maternity Ward, NICU and ICU in partnership with Orthner Orthner and Associates. 

At Nyaho, providing the highest quality experiences for patients and families is our top priority.  In order to not only meet, but exceed our patient and family centered needs, we’ve designed a new Maternity and Intensive Care wing with safety, comfort and convenience in mind set to open by end of 2018.

Patients spoke, Nyaho listened

It is important to note that we couldn’t have done this without significant input from our current patients. In an effort to create a more holistic experience, Nyaho listened and collaborated with patients through extensive focus groups sessions in order to understand current pain points and how Nyaho can improve.   The key issues that stemmed from these dynamic conversations were:

  •  Inconvenient delivery experience
    • Delivery experience occurs in multiple rooms
    • Limited options for a private delivery
    • Lack of Space for family and friends to visit
  • Lack of adequate information during the antenatal period

The maternity revolution: Nyaho Medical Centre leads the way

After incorporating vital feedback from our patients, Nyaho will be offering private birthing experiences built in a room inspired by the comforts of home.  Each room will be equipped with:

  • A multifunctional bed that promotes a comfortable birthing and recovery experience
  • Ample space for the presence of loved ones including a sitting area, a pull out couch and table and chairs
  • An abundance of natural lighting to promote a healthy and stress-free experience. 

Additionally, Nyaho has created comprehensive educational materials to help women through their antenatal, natal and post natal period.  The Antenatal Patient Journey Booklet details what to expect at each consultation, how to prepare for labour and delivery, and ample space to take notes during our antenatal classes.

The Antenatal Magazine provides detailed medical information in a visually appealing format, offers what to expect at each stage of healthy pregnancy, addresses questions regarding irregularities, provides contact information, and outlines important post-natal steps to ensure the health of mother and new child.  

Here to eliminate stress: Nyaho builds in-house ICU and NICU

Additionally, in the time of urgent need, Nyaho Medical Centre’s new wing will provide the convenience and dependability of high quality Intensive Care Unit for both newborns (NICU) and adults (ICU). 

This new space has been designed in partnership with General Electric (GE) in an effort to increase accessibility of critical care in Ghana and to help eliminate stress for our current patients. 

No longer will intensive care patients need to be moved to another facility.  This means your loved ones and newborns can stay right by your side in a facility equipped with leading technology and tailored supervision.

Family and friends: join us on this exciting journey

At Nyaho Medical Centre, we are eager for the new developments to unfold.  We are confident that the Maternity, ICU and NICU services will boost the patient and family experience tenfold!  We are optimistic about the future and we hope you’ll join us on this journey.  Please look out for upcoming information on our website with regards to this exciting expansion opening by end of 2018.

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