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Nyaho Medical Centre and Africa eHealth Solutions partner for innovative healthcare in Ghana

Nyaho Medical Centre and Africa eHealth Solutions International have announced a collaborative partnership aimed at providing Ghanaians with easier access to healthcare. The IT software when launched, will allow doctors at Nyaho Medical Centre to communicate directly with diabetic and hypertensive patients in their care, and help them monitor their vitals. 

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Nyaho Medical Centre, a leading pioneer in the provision of quality healthcare in Ghana, and Africa eHealth Solutions International, a Dutch based IT company, have announced a collaborative partnership aimed at providing Ghanaians with easier access to healthcare. This new global partnership means Ghanaian private health care will match advances made in the health sector internationally. Dignitaries from the Diabetes Association of Ghana and the Netherlands were present at the launch event held at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Accra.

The IT software provided by Africa eHealth Solutions, will allow doctors at Nyaho to communicate directly with diabetic and hypertensive patients in their care, and help them monitor their vitals. The intention is to manage chronic diseases using an app that patients have on their phones, desktop or tablet. This technology is designed to bridge the gap that exists between the consulting room and a patient’s home life, where chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension are managed on a day-to-day basis.

The app has been built with patients in mind and empowers them to manage their own conditions. Patients can enter their vitals and other information pertinent to their condition into the app on a regular basis. At Nyaho, a nurse, and when necessary a doctor, monitors and evaluates the patient remotely. The patient is able to manage their own condition and has the assurance that a medical professional is over-seeing their progress. The goal is to reduce complications, improve patient outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs for the patient and the hospital. Similar software has been introduced in various institutions around the world as cases of chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension are on the rise.

The CEO of VitalHealth Software, Laurens van der Tang, endorsed the partnership and had this to say, “Collaboration between innovation-minded partners will change the landscape of health care in Africa. This initiative demonstrates the impact of proactive self-care by the patients.”

VitalHealth Software, recently bought by Philips a leading health technology company, is a top brand in I.T. solutions for healthcare facilities and is based in the Netherlands and US.

VitalHealth Software is working closely with Africa eHealth Solutions to create an eco-system of innovative healthcare facilities in various regions around the world. The goal is to change healthcare to be more personalized, coordinated and focused on positive patient outcomes. The software used to bring Nyaho into the new digital age is based on AfyaPro, an out-patient facility management system developed by the Dutch and Tanzanian company, which has been tested and implemented in several East African countries.

The Managing Director of Nyaho Medical Centre, Dr. Elikem Tamaklo, indicated that he believes the partnership will benefit patients greatly, “This application will improve the communication between doctor and patient, and in the long run will seek to make sure patients never feel alone in their struggle with chronic disease. The objective is quality and coordinated care for patients irrespective of their location, be it at home, at the airport branch or Nyaho’s new branch in Accra central.”

The future looks bright for Ghana’s healthcare as these two market leaders come together to create an innovation hub in the heart of Accra.  The CEO of Africa eHealth Solutions, Dr. Nicolaas Moens, says he is excited to be working with the leading private healthcare facility in the country and looks forward to introducing further innovations across Ghana and the sub-region. 

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