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Nyaho Medical Centre Introduces Home Visit Service

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Nyaho Medical Centre, Ghana’s premier group medical practice has introduced a bespoke Home Visit Service to provide quality healthcare to patients by qualified professionals in the comfort of their homes. The service was introduced after a study established the challenges some patients face in seeking quality medical care outside their homes due to their medical condition or busy schedule.

Speaking about the service, Dr. Victoria Lokko Medical Director of Nyaho Medical Centre said this service is tailored for patients who are either bedridden or have special needs and find it challenging to seek quality medical care.

She added that four different categories of the services were developed to meet specific needs of patients; The Assessment Home Visit, which evaluates and assess the role of the home environment of the patient as a contribution to the healing of the patient; Illness Home Visit provide services to individuals with chronic medical conditions such as stroke, diabetes, and hypertension by assessing them and offering healthcare assistants to them in the comfort of their homes; Hospitalisation Follow-up Home Visit which is a follow up to patients who have been discharged from the hospital and require medical experts to continue care and Palliative Care, provide services to individuals with terminal conditions.

The Nyaho Home Visit is recommended for the elderly and bedridden patients and has many benefits including coordinated care, less waiting time, family participation in the care process, and convenience.

The introduction of this service forms part of Nyaho Medical Service’s expansion project and overall mission to transform the lives of patients, by surpassing expectations in healthcare and inspiring hope for a better Africa.
Nyaho Medical Centre has operated in Ghana for almost 50years offering quality healthcare to about 100,000 patients annually.

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