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FAQs about the Health Hub

Frequently Asked Questions about the Health Hub

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the Health Hub here…

Is the Nyaho Health Hub for health screening only?

Health screening in itself is only a snapshot of a person’s health status and is not enough to significantly impact and improve one’s health status. Health Screening exercises usually end after individuals are given their medical reports.

At the Health Hub, the journey goes beyond health screening. Clients have access to total preventive care using either medical or lifestyle interventions, for the best patient outcomes. Interventions are designed with input from the individual making it as personalized as possible.

What does personalized care at Nyaho’s Health Hub mean?

Following the initial assessment of an individual, the Health & Wellness Coordinator puts together unique solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual.

The DNAFit which is on offer at the Health Hub, provides the individual, a profile analysis of their DNA that helps them figure out what fitness and nutrition are best suited for them. This ranges from wellness coaching plans, workouts, and sleep advice, all based on the individual’s DNA blueprint.

What does co-ordinated care at Nyaho’s Health Hub mean?

Following the initial assessment of an individual, the Health & Wellness Coordinator links the individual to the various medical professionals he/she may need according to the individual’s health needs.

This includes access to Fitness, Emotional, Physiotherapy, and Dietician professionals depending on clients’ needs.

What’s the difference between Nyaho Med. Center is doing and other facilities?

The Health Hub is a dedicated space that enables us to be more intentional in delivering unique solutions for individuals.

Other facilities may conduct health screening activities only as part of their mainstream business as usual activities. With our dedicated lounge, Nyaho Med. The Centre provides support beyond your usual health screening exercise by walking the journey together with the individual to achieve measurable positive outcomes.

What are the payment plans available at the health hub?

The Health Hub provides a range of packages to suit all pockets and budgets. It all depends on the value you place on your health as an individual.

What’s on offer at the Health Hub?

At the Health Hub, clients have access to:

– Medical assessments to determine individuals health status

– Various packages and interventions (medical and lifestyle) to achieve optimum health

– A genetic test kit (DNAFit) that empowers individuals to make life decisions based on evidence-based analysis

– Access to all health information in one place

– An online portal (SMARTcare) where patients with chronic diseases can enter their vitals for remote monitoring and evaluation by a Doctor and Nurse

– Status reports delivered at the convenience of the client (e.g. via email)

To celebrate the launch of this new offering and to encourage preventive healthcare as the new trend, Nyaho Medical Centre is offering a 10% discount to clients signing up for Health & Wellness packages this August and September.

To find out more, please contact the Business Development Dept. on +233 20 940 4047 +233 50 161 9688 +233 50 918 4482 or visit For enquiries kindly email

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