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What Safety means in Nyaho Medical Centre

Our aim is to ensure that all clients who walk in and out of the Hospital are kept safe.  

Keeping Patients Safe

Nyaho Medical Centre values every client who walks into the Centre and aims at giving each person a pleasant experience. Our aim as an organization is to surpass each client’s expectation and therefore efforts are made on daily basis to ensure that all clients who walk in and out of the Hospital are safe.

Safety refers to the condition of being protected from harm or the control of recognized hazards in order to achieve an acceptable level of risk. The question is “HOW DO WE DO THIS?”

We have a Patient Safety Committee

The Hospital has a Patient Safety Committee whose primary goal is to develop patient safety strategies in order to continuously improve our practices and create a safe environment. This is done by utilizing a systematic, coordinated, and continuous approach to improve safety in the Centre. We also take all incidents that are reported seriously and undertake root cause analysis where necessary.

Incident Report Meetings

There is a weekly review of all incident reports ranging from ‘no harm’ to ‘serious’ events gathered according to the safety plan. Recommendations are made to improve the effectiveness of patient care.

Continuously Improving Patients’ Well Being And Safety

Continuous Review of Risk Factors

On a daily basis, risk factors are collected from various departments within the Centre. All factors pertaining to patient safety are analyzed and information on identified risks is disseminated for the purpose of improving patient well-being and safety.

Feedback from Clients

Clients who visit the Centre also have the opportunity to share their concerns by filing a complaint form. This form is received and sent through the Client Service department to Management. This fosters collaborative healthcare and helps to meet Clients at the point of their needs.

A safe environment must be hygienic, clean and comfortable. It must provide services of the highest quality. It must be welcoming and encourage trust. We are continually working to maintain Nyaho Medical Centre as a safe environment for our valued clients and staff members.

From A Patient’s Perspective

Mandy (a patient and mother) writes….”Growing up, I was always afraid of hospitals! The thought of injections, medications and the characteristic ‘fragrance’ that each hospital had, was enough to keep me as far away from a hospital as possible. I was always told not to touch anything at the hospital, ranging from walls to side rims of stairs and the worse of it all was the floor. Even if you dropped something, be it food or drink toys or handkerchief, you were told to discard it immediately. My mother told me the ‘germs’ in the hospital were the most powerful. That was enough to keep me alert and obedient to the instructions given. As I grew older and started having kids, the hospital became more or less a necessary evil.

The first day I walked into Nyaho Medical Centre, my first thought was, ‘there is no hospital smell’, then looking at the entrance, I assumed the administrative offices were in front so I had to go further to actually get into the hospital. I continued further with the hope of being welcomed by the characteristic ‘fragrance’ I had known for years. To my surprise, I realized I was heading towards the ward. This meant that I was at the central part of the hospital, yet everything around me was clean and fresh, with beautiful landscaping. I stopped to ask myself, ‘Is this really a hospital?’

Later on I had to bring my children to see a doctor, and for the first time, I was not worried about my children touching the walls, floors and other objects around because everything looked so clean. The highlight of my Nyaho experience was when I saw some gentlemen regularly cleaning up the walkways even though there was no spillage. I simply concluded that Nyaho was primarily concerned with making sure their environment was clean and safe for all who visited. I guess that is how Nyaho does safety. I must admit, that really put me at ease.”

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